With the latest research suggesting that all mammals – not just primates and big cats – may be vulnerable to COVID-19, we have decided to resume closure of our Muriel’s Ranch contact yard effective immediately. It’s part of our ongoing and comprehensive efforts to ensure the health and safety of all at the Zoo – animals, staff, and guests. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.

Winnick Family Children’s Zoo

Visit the Winnick Family Children’s Zoo to get up close with our goats and sheep in the animal contact area known as Muriel’s Ranch, made possible by a generous gift from the Max H. Gluck Foundation. Fifteen sweet-tempered baby Nigerian Dwarf goats were added to the Ranch in late 2012, and the Zoo has seen newborn additions to the family of goats in the years that have followed.

This species only reaches a height of around two feet, and the adults weigh in between 20 and 50 pounds. These colorful and curious goats are a kid-friendly size and a must-see for the young and young-at-heart! We have brushes available for you to groom these fun domestic animals!