Lulu is a Rhinoceros Reading and Keeper Talk Charms Visitors

Lulu is a Rhinoceros authors Jason and Allison Flom

Inspired by the Safari Society’s Animals and Authors series, the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association recently hosted a special reading of the Goodreads Choice Awardnominated Lulu is a Rhinoceros, featuring authors Jason and Allison Flom. The story of a bulldog who just knows she’s a rhino was a huge hit with visitors. 

Following Lulu’s journey was a special appearance from L.A. Zoo Animal Keeper and rhinoceros expert Mike Bona, who shared about rhinos in the wild. Guests learned about these magnificent animals, the real-life little helpers they depend on in their habitat, and what people can do to protect them.  

Check out the video of the reading and keeper talk below. And, for even more rhino and Lulu fun, download the mini book activity.  

Author: Autumn Hilden